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Experience Church,
the Way it
Used to Be!

We LOVE families with children!

Children of all ages are WELCOME in ALL of our church services.

However, for the moments when young children are crying or screaming loudly, we do have a "Mommy Room" located downstairs. Parents are asked to quietly slip out of the church service and attend to their little ones in the "Mommy Room". You may slip in and out of the service as many times as needed.

This is a great way to be a help to those who would like to listen to the preaching of the word.

Sunday Service Times

10 am

Family Integrated Sunday School

We offer a 40-minute family integrated Sunday School at 10 am. It's an interactive time, when parents attend with their children and are taught a family appropriate bible lesson. Our 40-minutes Sunday School is taught by Pastor Fortunato. After our Sunday School is complete, there is a 20-minute time of fellowship for the attending families.

11 am

Sunday Morning Service

This is our main preaching service, where families are encouraged to worship together in the main sanctuary upstairs.

2 pm

Sunday Afternoon Service

Families are encouraged to worship together in the main sanctuary upstairs.

* The Last Sunday of Every Month *

10 am

Lord's Supper

Every last Sunday of the month, we set aside our 10 am Sunday School time to worship together around the Lord's table and remember our Lord Jesus Christs' sacrificial death on Calvary's cross. This is a 40-minute time of worship that may include prayer, congregational singing, scripture reading and short bible lessons. Born-again, blood-washed saints are welcome to partake of the elements.

12 pm

Fellowship Lunch

Every last Sunday of the month, we have a church family fellowship lunch immediately following our 11 am church service.

Midweek Service Time

6 pm

Thursday Midweek Service

Our midweek service is at 6 pm every Thursday. Join us for congregation hymn signing as well as a verse-by-verse Bible lesson.

Our Church-House
is located at:

170 4th Ave.

Cookeville, TN 38506


(931) 219-2224

Brethren, we have met to worship
And adore the Lord our God;
Will you pray with all your power,
While we try to preach the Word?
All is vain unless the Spirit
Of the Holy One comes down;
Brethren, pray, and holy manna
Will be showered all around.

— Brethren, we have met to worship (1819 HYMN)