Spring City, TN | October 7-10, 2024

Family Camp

MORE than a family vacation. MORE than a family adventure.
It's an INVESTMENT into your family!

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Family Camp is an investment into your Christian family!

You can call it a family vacation, or even a family adventure, but it's designed to be MORE than just that. It's designed to be an investment of quality time with your family.

During this 3-day Christian camp you'll invest in your family by showing them that you're willing to slow-down, unplug from the business of life and work, and invest in their spiritual and emotional health by spending focused, quality time with them.

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Pilgrim Baptist Church is hosting Family Camp.

Pilgrim Baptist understands that "the world" wants the Christian family broken and disintegrated. We are also very aware that our adversary, the devil, wants to destroy the biblical family. For that reason, our vision is to build up strong families and encourage them by pointing them to our advocate, the Lord Jesus Christ! One way we do this is by hosting FamilyCamp.

Learn more about what Pilgrim Baptist believes


Family Camp is for Pilgrim Baptist Church members, as well as for other like-minded supporting churches and their families, who understand the importance of escaping the business of work to invest in their family.

Let's face it, all of us are busy. We may even be busy with needful things. Even pastors can get so busy in their studies, or traveling to preach at meetings, that their families end up taking a back seat. The same is true with many fathers who pour all of their time into work or hobbies.

Family Camp is for those who value the opportunity to spend a fun 3-days of focused time with their family.


At Family Camp you can expect to be…

  • sharpened through the preaching from the word of God.
  • encouraged and uplifted through the many opportunities to fellowship with other conservative Christians.
  • excited about all the fun family activities your family can get involved with.
  • challenged to more fully surrender your life to live for Christ, as a biblical family should.
  • heartily fed with delicious, homemade food.
  • edified as you make "spiritual and emotional deposits" into your Christian family "piggy bank."


Finally, expect to enjoy your family as you invest time into them!


Participating pastors from supporting churches will be called from the floor during our morning and evening service times.


Family Camp will be an invaluable Christian experience, taking place over 3 action-packed days. 

Each day will be made up of deliciously prepared food, fun family activities, sweet fellowship and powerful preaching from the word of God. This Christian camp is specifically designed for you and your family to enjoy each other by unplugging from all other distractions. We look forward to having you join us, as we all invest in building a godly heritage.

Tuesday, October 7:

5 pm - 6 pm: Check-In

6 pm: Supper

7 pm: Evening service

8:15 pm: Fellowship time

Wednesday, October 8:

8 am - Breakfast

9:30 am - Morning service

10:45 - Free time

12 noon - Lunch

1:00 pm - Special Activities

5:00 pm - Supper

6:30 pm - Evening service

7:30 - "All Things Common" Swap 'n Trade
(this is a fun-time where each family will have their own table that is set up for them to trade various items that they bring with them. Kids especially should be looking to bring things to trade, as they can go around to each table and try to swap items.)

Thursday, October 9:

8 am: Breakfast

9:30 am: Morning Service

10:45 am: Free time

12 noon: Lunch time

1:00 pm: Special Activities (tba)

5:00 pm: Supper time

6:30 pm: Preachin' time

7:30 - Bonfire Smores

Friday, October 10:

7:30 am - Breakfast

9:00 am - Check out

Please note: Our FAQ section is still being developed. So, if you have a question,
feel free to give us a call at: 931-219-2224.

Family Camp VENUE

Cedine Ministries Camp

333 Cedine Camp Rd.
Spring City, TN 37381
Phone: 423-365-9565

Our 1st annual FAMILY CAMP will be held at Cedine Ministries Camp. We have reserved exclusive use of their facilities to be used by our group only. Additionally, we feel good about supporting this Christian campground and the humble folks who manage it.

Where Your Family Will Be Staying

Your family will be staying in their own cabin that is located on-site at the Cedine Camp.

Your family will be staying in their own private cabin, complete with its own full bathroom.

Your family will have plenty of sleeping space. Each cabin has 1 queen bed, 6 twin beds and 1 cot.

Your family will enjoy a comfy stay, as each cabin is also equipped with its own HVAC unit and mini-fridge.

Supporting Churches

Would your church like to be part of this unique camp that emphasizes the importance of investing time into your family for God's GLORY! Is so, contact us today @ 931-219-2224.

Make a Donation to our Family Camp

Would you or your church like to make a financial contribution or sponsor a family to attend our Family Camp?

If so, you may do so by clicking the link below. Additionally, if you have any questions, please call us at: 931-219-2224.

Register for Family Camp Below.

LIMITED Cabins Available: Our Family Camp is hosting 24 families.

To secure your spot, you must reserve your own private cabin below.
The registration from below will show how many cabins are still available.

FOOD COSTS: Children 5 yrs of age and younger eat for free.

For adults and children 6 yrs of age and older, the food costs are $110 per person.

  • Please note: Toward the end of the online registration, you will be asked IF you would like to make a separate donation. 
  • This donation will be used to pay for your food costs during family camp.

The suggested food cost donation is as follows:
Remember: ONLY count families members who are 6 yrs of age or older.

  • Family of 2: $160
  • Family of 3: $240  
  • Family of 4: $320
  • Family of 5: $400 
  • Family of 6: $480

If you have any question about our Family Camp, please give us a call at: